Thursday, December 31, 2009

Using mixed toolchain – GNU build system with Visual C/C++ compilers

I’ve been searching for an automated way to use the GNU build system to build autoconf based GNU libraries like libiconv using Visual C/C++ compilers instead of GCC.  The end goal is to create Windows DLLs that I can integrate into Visual C/C++ projects.

Found two alternatives that I want to check out: simacros from Systems in Motion; and parity by Markus Duft and Michael Haubenwallner.  The two have a similar goal and similar approach.  Both include source to shim/proxy software that translates GNU GCC command line options into Visual C/C++ command line options; and both require modified autotools. 

A big difference is that simacros uses cygwin for it’s execution environment and parity is designed for the Windows Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA).  Another difference is ease of access.  Parity is readily available as a stand alone SourceForge project.  I found simacros is a bit difficult to extract out of the various web links and downloads at the Coin3d website. 

Based on initial code spelunking and the ease of getting to the parity source code I’m leaning toward porting parity to cygwin.

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