Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo processing tools and toys - Photosynth

 Microsoft Photosynth, based on Photo Tour by University of Washington and Microsoft Research, is an interesting way to composite a large picture collection (20-300 recommended) of a scene or subject.  To create a Synth you need to install a Windows Live Photo Gallery plugin that interacts with Microsoft’s Photosynth backend web service.  While you can view public Synths at Photosynth, you’ll need a Windows Live account to create and share your own Synths. Also, recommend that you check out the “How to Shoot” guide.

My Synths are rather boring so far.  Really need a larger collection of input photos to create a more complete Synth.  Might be fun to get a bunch of people together to create an input photo collection of a scene or subject.  Maybe a good use case for  “Crowdsourcing”?  It’s hard to leverage the power of crowdsourcing with an un-crowd of one.

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